The AI revolution won't wait. Neither should you.

Our mission is to build
an aligned and fully autonomous student network for future tech development.

Today, what you learn in school at age 20 won’t be relevant in 5 years.

We have two choices: let the new generations get lost in doom scrolling, or rebuild the future.

The world is changing, and it's not just about AI, robotics, automation, or longevity.

Geoeconomic confrontation, extreme weather events, widespread cybercrime, failure of critical infrastructure, misuse of technologies, spread of infectious diseases, and increasing misinformation through generative AI are just some of the upcoming risks.

That's why we're bringing internships, hackathons, and leaders to help you discover what companies in AI, robotics & automation and aerospace, and  are looking for in their upcoming roles.

We want to show our new generations that you don’t have to be a genius or a high-graded student; you just have to believe and work hard to exceed your dreams.

"Work like hell. I mean, you just have to put in 80 to 100-hour weeks every week. This improves the odds of success. If other people are putting in 40-hour work weeks and you’re putting in 100-hour work weeks, then even if you’re doing the same thing, you know that you will achieve in 4 months what it takes them a year to achieve." -Elon Musk

We are at the tipping point of the acceleration curve, and over the next decade, we will face economic, societal, and environmental challenges.

We don’t see this as a doom scenario.

On the contrary, this is our generation's luck to build a better future for all.

AI agents, decentralization, digital twins and avatars, transhumanism, quantum computing, and robotics are just some of the changes that will affect our daily lives in the upcoming AGI and ASI phases.

Most tech startups need to pull talent with unique skill sets and visions from all over the place.

But this is timely, costly, and not working anymore because of the stagnant education system. With human-level forecasting with LLMs, we can help them.

Our current university and college education is not catching up with the pace of AI and robotics.

Traditional education relies on outdated ranking systems. We'll break this mold with methods like Reciprocal Rank Fusion (RRF), a dynamic algorithm that constantly reassesses talent based on real-world projects and achievements, ensuring the most promising individuals are always recognized.

We can try to change this education system that hasn’t changed since the middle ages, or we can build new digital campuses to push the right talent to the right companies while pulling visionaries and potentials from all over the world and letting them showcase their visions with hands-on projects.

If your company is changing the world, building dynamism, and accelerating at this rapid pace, you expect your talent to start performing at the highest level in their first week.

Over the last couple of years, even some Ivy League schools show that the priority of our education system has shifted from conquering the universe and building a better future for humanity to different societal topics.

We need to change this trajectory.

We need to source the best talent now, from all around the world.

By providing verifiable instructions to AI agents and using IFEvals, we can create generative agent swarms that act as effective matching mechanisms.

We don’t have the luxury to wait for these people to spend their 15-20 years coming to some management place to build their reputations and start a business or find a job at disruptive companies.

We are not elitists; we are not conformists.

We want to build a movement across Gen Z and the next generation and show them they can go over the moon, build better fusions, AIs, and robots.

But how?

We aim to build a fully decentralized autonomous network to understand JeezAI members deeply, learn their visions, backgrounds, experiences but most importantly what they want to do and why.

We need to build an unbiased and verifiable matching mechanism. Recent research demonstrates the feasibility of this,  with techniques like Step-Back Prompting significantly improving language model performance on various datasets.

After benchmarking these profiles, we want to match them with the most compatible leaders, projects and companies.

We will be committed to making the JeezAI experience dynamic and evolving. By potentially powering our platform with RALMs, our AI agents will become knowledge powerhouses, driving even more accurate and insightful matches.

You don't need to have a PHD or an Ivy League degree; you need to demonstrate that you can excel in that role.

Today, opportunities to showcase your skills and vision are scarce.

We want to build a small-scale AGI for the next generation of talent and be the source for the companies that are changing the world.

We can’t do this without you; we need to build this movement now.

Imagine having this; a platform that knows every student’s vision, what they are building, researching, tech hackathon participants, their projects/products, teams, visions, backgrounds, and educations.

You need a team to build your idea?

It will bring the most compatible potential team members.

You need a fund for your next campus event related to AI, robotics, or tech?

It will find the most potential investors.

You have been building your own small models and want to showcase them to the best AI companies but don’t know how, when, etc.?

It will match you with the most compatible leaders and AI & Robotics companies.

All unbiased and aligned. Your background, ethnicity, or beliefs don’t matter here.

Your vision and what you’re building or want to build matter!

From aerospace firms to robotics, and from machine learning startups to automation companies, there's a wide-ranging search for interns and new graduates.

However, the challenge lies not in finding the 'best' talent, but in identifying those who are the most fitting for their unique needs and culture.

We want to solve this problem with a three stage plan.

We will inevitably win, but we have to win fast to accelerate our energy and attract the best talent all over the world.

The side that manages AGI, robotics, and aerospace will run the future.

We should be the winning one.

"Our mission is to build an aligned and fully autonomous student network for future development"

JeezAI aims to establish a global network of students who are interested in and actively engaged in building or researching AI solutions.

Our platform will leverage autonomous agents and an incentivized DAO mechanism to bridge the expanding AI opportunity gap between developing and developed countries, as well as across socioeconomic classes.

This initiative is set to revolutionize the way younger generations are educated, work, and live.

Our goal is to create a global network specifically for AI, Robotics, and Tech university clubs, students, investors, and companies.

By developing aligned and fully autonomous swarm intelligence, we intend to facilitate the discovery of and match promising new talent with compatible investors, projects, and companies.

Our three-stage plan involves:

Stage 1: Foundation and Community Building

‍- Create and distribute high-quality content.
- Form partnerships with universities, AI communities and tech startups.
- Curate vetted AI internships, companies, hackathons(events) and projects for students.

How we will implement?

- We’ll launch content series that includes expert blogs, podcasts featuring tech thought leaders, AI startup founder Gen Zs and newsletters that provide industry insights and opportunities.

- We’ll organize and sponsor AI hackathons, workshops, and speaker events at universities worldwide. These events will not only promote JeezAI but also foster a sense of community and collaboration among students.

- We’ll establish partnerships with AI companies, university student clubs (AI+Robotics+Tech), and technology platforms to secure a pipeline of opportunities and resources for students. These partnerships will provide exclusive internships, project collaborations, and educational resources.

- We'll develop a feature that allows students to create comprehensive profiles on our platform. These profiles will include not just basic information but also detailed sections for student clubs, hackathon participation, work experience, and project details. This will enable students to showcase their full range of skills, experiences, and interests to potential employers, investors, and collaborators.

- We’ll offer special functionalities for student clubs, including the ability to create club profiles, announce events, and share achievements. We'll also integrate a feature for organizing and participating in virtual and in-person hackathons, facilitating a global exchange of ideas and innovation.

- We’ll give the opportunity to highlight student’s work experiences, internships, and projects. A dedicated section for projects will allow for detailed descriptions, the inclusion of multimedia content, and the ability to link to external repositories like Github, Arxiv or websites. This will serve as a dynamic portfolio for students to present their capabilities to the world.

- We'll introduce a career assessment tool as a unique feature, providing students with personalized recommendations based on their skills, interests, and experiences. This AI-driven assessment will offer insights into potential career paths, suggest suitable internships, and even match students with relevant AI companies and projects.

We aim to create a community of 30.000 students before 2025.

Stage 2: DAO Integration and Community Governance

We’ll establish a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) for project evaluation and funding. It will create a system where AI agents and the community collaboratively make decisions.

- We plan to develop the infrastructure for a DAO that allows students, investors, and AI companies to vote on key decisions, including project funding and platform features with a platform like Aragon. This involves creating a transparent, secure voting mechanism and ensuring equitable token distribution.

- Implementing AI agents into our platform can perform initial evaluations of projects and ideas submitted to the platform, presenting curated selections to the community for voting.

- JeezAI will design a stable token economy that rewards participation in the DAO, such as contributing to projects, voting on proposals, or offering mentorship.

- Through the strategic application of Causal ML, we identify and amplify the most impactful internships, projects, and learning experiences, thereby empowering our community to make informed decisions that significantly boost their career trajectories in AI, automation, and aerospace.

Stage 3: Our Vision for Full Autonomy

Our vision is achieving a full platform autonomy with AI agents managing project evaluations, matching, and incentives. This will provide a real-time, global talent and innovation discovery network.

- AI Agent Development:  We forecast that AI agents will be able to autonomously evaluate student submissions by checking against web sources, academic publications (Arxiv), and code repositories (github) in 2025-26. These agents will use machine learning models to assess the uniquness, novelty, feasibility, and potential impact of each project and roles.

- Matching Mechanism: By creating a sophisticated AI-driven matching system that connects students' profiles and projects with interested roles, investors, and companies based on relevance, themes, and skills. We envision powering this system with technologies like MemGPT, allowing our AI agents to consider vast amounts of information for the most accurate and nuanced matching possible.

- Stable Coin Incentives: JeezAI aims to introduce a platform-specific stable coin to reward valuable contributions and facilitate transactions within the ecosystem, such as funding projects, paying student salaries within the paltform or accessing premium resources.

But, why we’re doing this.
What is the Problem?

For Students and Early-Career AI Talent

- The Skills Disconnect: AI is evolving rapidly, but traditional education is lagging behind. Students are facing with lack clarity on which skills companies actually value, making the transition to a career daunting.
- Lost in the Crowd: Generic job boards and career sites bury talent. It's hard to stand out based on passion and potential, not just existing experience.
- Lack of Direction: Without access to industry trends and insider knowledge, students struggle to find internships and opportunities that align with their interests and build impactful careers.
- Funding and Mentorship Gap: Students with innovative ideas or projects often lack the resources and networks to secure funding and support to turn those ideas into something real or funding and partnership cycles take too long.

For Tech Companies
- Talent Black Hole: Sifting through irrelevant resumes and hiring based on pedigree is slow and inefficient. Ai, Robotics, Aerospace and other disruptive companies need better ways to discover talent with the right mix of skills and drive.
- Missed Potential: Bright students with niche skills or unconventional backgrounds easily slip through the cracks. Companies miss out on fresh perspectives and future innovators.
- Community Disconnect: Companies struggle to build brand awareness and connect with the next generation of AI talent early in their journeys.

JeezAI's Solution
- AI-Powered Matching: Assessments and personalized recommendations tailor career paths and internships based on skills and interests, effectively closing the knowledge gap.
- Career Transparency: A dynamic directory of companies and roles, offering detailed information, enables students to make informed decisions about their fit within the AI industry.
- Focused Talent Pool: Companies access candidates pre-vetted for AI aptitude and interest, streamlining the hiring process and conserving resources. Virtual career fairs/events, direct messaging features, and scheduled virtual meetups enhance communication.
- Project-Based Showcase: Students showcase their skills and passion through real-world challenges, attracting companies looking for more than just a resume. Gamification elements like badges, leaderboards, and skill challenges allow students to boast on social media and engage their peers – "Wait, you solved an AI challenge for Neuralink?!"
- Innovation/Funding Hub: Connects students with funding, mentorship, and showcase opportunities, and matches investors with student projects. It facilitates investors in browsing projects and directly contacting creators or posting open calls for funding proposals (e.g., "AI Club is seeking $5K for UofT AI Hackathon stage rent" or "I have this computer vision research but need $300 to fly to NYC to showcase at this summit").

Cover letters and resumes are the traditions of the previous era and are no longer relevant.

Leveraging the rich data from user resumes, school and hackathon projects, GitHub contributions, LinkedIn profiles, and other career details provides a comprehensive view of each candidate's skills, experiences, and potential.

At JeezAI, our approach to building a fully autonomous and aligned student network for AI development integrates this multifaceted user data with state-of-the-art AI and methodologies.

We know exceptional talent struggles to find places to showcase their projects, ideas, and visions.

We also know exceptional projects struggle to find funding and sponsorships.

That's why we aim to build this global autonomous network.

Building the Foundation for a Better Future

JeezAI is not just a platform; it's a movement towards democratizing AI talent development and creating opportunities for everyone passionate about shaping the future of technology.

Be part of this newborn journey and help us redefine the landscape of AI education and career development.

JeezAI is creating a community-owned, decentralized collective opportunity center.

We can help students and educational institutions catch up with the speed of AI development.

By creating a community-owned platform, every student, builder, investor, and executive will have a say in how to create a better global network, which projects to fund, and tackle global problems with AI.

If you are searching for your lucky break,

If you have so much to prove,

If your ikigai is changing the world for a better future,

Join JeezAI network, Smartest AI Club and be part of our Stage 1.

Internship/Job Recommendation Sources:
1. JobRecoGPT: Explainable job recommendationsusing LLMs
2. ResumeFlow: An LLM-facilitated Pipeline for PersonalizedResume Generation and Refinement
3. BAD: BiAs Detection for Large Language Models inthe context of candidate screening
4. Enhancing Job Recommendation throughLLM-based Generative Adversarial Networks

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