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Human in the Loop:
Equipping AI's Next Gen

Artificial intelligence is changing the world, but are we doing enough to prepare and empower the next generations? We're bringing together the tech industry, academia, and AI leaders to advocate for real change. Join us, use the #HumanintheLoop hashtag on social media and create a better future for all.

The Reason

Students not getting higher quality jobs after college and many graduates feel underqualified for entry-level jobs, with 50% not applying for positions because they felt underqualified. The disconnect between traditional education and the skills employers need is a major factor. Employers are increasingly looking for candidates with microcredentials and real-world experience.

The future of AI depends on a diverse talent pool with hands-on experience and equitable access to opportunities. However, many students interested in AI struggle to gain the necessary practical exposure and are often faced with financial barriers when seeking internships. This hinder their career prospects and contribute to a skills gap in the industry.

We need to ensure that education of next-generations keeps pace with the dynamic nature of the field. AI companies and academic institutions play a pivotal role in offering relevant, industry-aligned programs that adequately prepare students for the workforce.

Through this petition, we aim to unite the tech industry, academia, students, and professionals in advocating for tangible changes that will shape the future of AI.

Our Petition

We, the undersigned, call on companies, academic institutions, and industry leaders to
join us in nurturing the next generation of AI professionals by committing to the following:

Paid Internships

Offer paid AI internships to provide equitable opportunities for students, ensuring they can gain valuable experience without financial barriers.


Collaborate with academic institutions to develop and offer AI courses and programs that align with industry needs for relevant and in-demand skills.


Provide more avenues for students to gain practical, real-world experience through events, hackathons and collaborative projects.


Emphasize the importance of lifelong learning in AI by offering resources and opportunities for professionals to stay up to date with AI.


Strive to make AI career paths more accessible worldwide by providing API credits, courses, and partnership opportunities to students.


Form alliances between companies, academic and governmental institutions to create programs, mentorship opportunities, and accessible resources.

what is the vision?

We firmly believe that artificial intelligence, and its more advanced form, artificial general intelligence (AGI), have the potential to revolutionize our world for the better. The future we envision is one where AGI and ASI (Artificial Super Intelligence) work alongside humans to tackle complex global challenges, enhance our quality of life, and unlock unprecedented innovations. This future is within our reach, but it relies on open source, responsible development and a skilled, diverse workforce driving the industry forward.

That's why we are passionate about preparing the next generation of AI leaders. By uniting companies, industry leaders, and academics, we can ensure that the builders of tomorrow's AI have the necessary skills and resources to guide the development and application of this powerful technology.

By signing this petition and joining our campaign, you become a part of this optimistic vision. Let's build this future together, one that we can all proudly leave in the capable hands of the next generation.

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