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Get ideas from the most successful entrepreneurs and business leaders.

From innovative brick-and-mortar businesses to VC-backed deep-tech decentralized AI startups, our dataset offers diverse opportunities for every entrepreneurs, founders and students.

Y Combinator

587 business ideas from the most successful startup accelerator.

My First Million

1288 innovative business ideas from Sam Parr and Shaan Puri.

Stanford Business

698 unique business ideas from the best business school.

Shark Tank

1667 proven business ideas from millionaire investors and founders.


1924 diverse business ideas from world's leading thinkers and doers.

The Diary of a CEO

412 scalable business ideas from Steven Bartlett and his succesful guests.

Tim Ferriss

804 original ideas from Tim Ferris and his world-class guests.

This Week in Startups

2842 VC-backed startup ideas from technology entrepreneur Jason Calacanis.

Tony Robbins

431 life-changing business opportunities from the renowned business leader.

Ali Abdaal

277 dynamic busienss ideas from highly influential bestseller influencer.

John Coogen

200 innovative business ideas from the Soylent, Coogan and Lucy co-founder.

Charlie Chang

337 profitable business ideas from the top serial entrepreneurs.

and thousands more ideas from Alex Hormozi, All In Podcast, Codie Sanchez, Dan Martell, EO, Gary Vaynerchuk, James Sinclair, Lenny's Podcast, No Priors AI, SaaStr, UpFlip, and Young Entrepreneurs Forum...

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Explore more than 13,000 possibilities, each a potential path to success.
Find the idea that resonates and take the first step toward turning your vision into reality.

Some unique ideas that we love

Finding a great business idea is hard. The best way to explore scalable and profitable startup ideas is to analyze the most successful entrepreneurs. Discover trending ideas before they go mainstream.

Subscription-Based Lifestyle Concierge Service

A subscription service that provides personalized lifestyle management and concierge services for busy professionals, including tasks such as travel planning, event coordination, personal shopping, and household management.

Cooperative Game AI Platform

A platform that allows game developers to integrate AI-powered cooperative gameplay, enabling human players to collaborate with intelligent non-player characters (NPCs) in complex, multi-agent environments.

Product Strategy Coaching

A coaching service that helps product managers and leaders develop and implement effective product strategies to drive business growth and achieve their goals.

Protein Folding Marketplace

An online marketplace that connects researchers, biotech companies, and pharmaceutical firms with freelance computational biologists and AI experts who can provide custom protein folding analysis and simulation services.

Subscription-Based Pet Wellness Platform

An online platform that offers a subscription-based service for pet owners, providing personalized health and wellness plans, access to veterinary consultations, and high-quality pet products delivered to their doorstep.

Personalized Longevity Coaching

A comprehensive longevity coaching service that helps clients optimize their health, wellness, and lifestyle habits to achieve greater vitality and longevity, drawing on the latest research and evidence-based practices.

AI-Powered IP Protection Platform

A  platform that leverages AI and machine learning to help global brands and content creators detect, manage, and enforce their intellectual property rights across various online marketplaces and platforms.

Church Management Software

A comprehensive software platform that helps churches and religious organizations manage their membership, donations, events, and other community-related activities in an efficient and user-friendly manner.

Ready, set, launch. your success is here!

Explore more than 13,000 possibilities, each a potential path to success.
Find the idea that resonates and take the first step toward turning your vision into reality.

Slime-Infused Wellness Products

A brand that develops a line of slime-infused wellness products, such as stress-relieving bath bombs, soothing body lotions, and calming essential oil blends, catering to the growing demand for sensory experiences that promote relaxation and self-care.

Frugal Entrepreneurship Coaching

A coaching and consulting service that helps aspiring entrepreneurs develop a frugal mindset and implement cost-effective strategies to launch and grow their businesses, focusing on areas like bootstrapping, resource optimization, and strategic spending.

Brain-Boosting Meal Delivery Service

A personalized meal delivery service that provides nutrient-rich, brain-enhancing meals tailored to individual dietary needs and preferences, focusing on ingredients like omega-3s, B vitamins, and antioxidants to support cognitive function and mental well-being.

Decentralized Content Licensing Platform

A blockchain-based platform that allows content creators, such as news outlets, podcasters, and social media influencers, to license their content to AI companies and other organizations, enabling fair compensation and control over their intellectual property.

Shame-Free Entrepreneurship Community

An online community that fosters open discussions and support for entrepreneurs to overcome personal and professional challenges without the stigma of shame or judgment.

Team Building Experiences Marketplace

A marketplace that offers a curated selection of unique, engaging team-building experiences and activities, such as virtual escape rooms, interactive workshops, and outdoor adventures, to help organizations foster stronger connections, improve collaboration, and boost employee morale.

Personalized Astrology and Horoscope Platform

A comprehensive online platform that provides personalized astrology and horoscope readings, allowing users to gain insights into their lives, relationships, and future prospects through the lens of astrology.

Long-Distance Intimacy Wearables

A line of smart, connected intimate apparel that allows couples in long-distance relationships to stay physically and emotionally connected, with the ability to control and experience each other's sensations remotely.

Ready, set, launch. your success is here!

Explore more than 13,000 possibilities, each a potential path to success.
Find the idea that resonates and take the first step toward turning your vision into reality.

Offshore Wind Farm Site Selection and Planning Tool

An AI-powered software platform that leverages high-resolution seafloor data to assist offshore wind farm developers in optimal site selection, infrastructure planning, and risk mitigation. The tool would integrate seafloor topography, seismic activity, and other environmental factors to help identify the most suitable locations for wind farm development, while also providing insights on potential hazards and infrastructure requirements.

Jetpack-Powered Delivery Service

A delivery service that utilizes jetpack-equipped couriers to provide fast, efficient, and eco-friendly transportation of small packages and documents in urban areas, leveraging the unique capabilities of these personal flying devices.

Cognitive Assessment and Training Platform

An online platform that provides comprehensive cognitive assessments and personalized training programs to help individuals and organizations improve memory, focus, and learning abilities.

Psychedelic-Assisted Sleep Therapy Clinic

A specialized clinic that offers psychedelic-assisted therapy, combined with sleep monitoring and optimization, to help individuals with sleep disorders, depression, and other mental health conditions.

Recession-Proof Business Coaching

A coaching and advisory service that helps small business owners and entrepreneurs adapt their operations, strategies, and mindsets to thrive during economic downturns and recessions.

No-Code E-Commerce Platform for SMBs

A SaaS-based, no-code e-commerce platform that empowers small and medium-sized businesses to create and manage their online stores without the need for extensive technical expertise.

Smart Lawn Care Subscription Service

A subscription-based lawn care service that uses smart technology, such as automated irrigation systems and sensor-driven lawn monitoring, to provide personalized, efficient, and eco-friendly lawn maintenance for residential and commercial clients.

Peer-to-Peer Renewable Energy Trading Platform

A blockchain-based platform that enables individuals and communities to buy, sell, and trade renewable energy directly with each other, bypassing traditional utility companies.

Debt-Free Living Podcast and Community

A multimedia platform that combines a podcast and an online community to educate, inspire, and support individuals on their journey to a debt-free lifestyle. The platform will feature interviews with financial experts, personal stories, and practical tips, while also fostering a supportive community for those seeking to achieve financial freedom.

Ready, set, launch. your success is here!

Explore more than 13,000 possibilities, each a potential path to success.
Find the idea that resonates and take the first step toward turning your vision into reality.

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JeezAI is a student-led AI organization building a global network of innovators, investors and AI companies.
Throughout our journey, we've observed that both the next generation of entrepreneurs and established successful business leaders face a common challenge: finding useful and profitable business ideas that future-ready, AI-era relevant, and primed for exponential growth.

To address this, we've merged the expertise of top AI models and business leaders, analyzing the most reliable sources to curate a comprehensive database. Whether you're trying to find a profitable startup concept, innovative brick-and-mortar idea, or a lucrative side hustle, this database is your one-stop solution.

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As a founder and growth marketer, I understand the challenges of building a business from the ground up.

When I moved to Canada two years ago, I had to start from scratch. It was a difficult journey, but it taught me valuable lessons about perseverance and innovation.

In the early days, I juggled multiple projects and wore many hats to make ends meet. I took on freelance work, consulted for startups, and even built ecommerce stores and micro SaaS projects on the side. I knew I needed to focus on one idea, but I couldn't seem to find the right opportunity.

That's when I discovered the power of AI, automation and sharing my experiences. I always had a passion for entrepreneurship and artificial intelligence, and I realized that combining the two could be a game-changer. I started experimenting with AI agents, and soon after, my business idea database was born.

I knew I had to be resourceful and efficient to build a successful business from scratch. In my quest for business ideas, I analyzed countless hours of podcasts, videos, and interviews featuring your favorite entrepreneurs and investors like Y Combinator, My First Million, All In, Tim Ferriss, and GaryVee... I hung on to their every word, hoping to uncover the secret insights behind their success. But soon, I found myself drowning in a sea of information, struggling to organize and make sense of it all.

That's when I had my lightbulb moment. I realized that the key to success wasn't just in consuming endless content but in distilling and filtering the very best ideas and insights. I needed a way to identify the hidden gems—the profitable business ideas.

And so, the Wizard of Ideas database was born. Inspired by my own struggles, I set out to create a comprehensive database that would save time and provide access to the insights of successful entrepreneurs and investors. By analyzing thousands of hours of content with AI agents and fellow founders, we identified trends and money-making ideas that went beyond the obvious.

With the Wizard of Ideas, you can save countless hours of your valuable time. Instead of watching endless videos or taking notes from podcasts, you can use our filters to instantly find the best business ideas from your favorite leader business shows. If you want to explore more, you can just simply click on the episode link of the idea and watch the entire video. Our database does the heavy lifting for you, distilling the wisdom of industry leaders into actionable insights.

But it's not just about saving time. The Wizard of Ideas offers 10,000+ unique business ideas, trends, and insights that you can explore and start building today. From AI and crypto to SaaS and e-commerce, we cover a wide range of industries and business types. And with step-by-step guides, you'll learn how to turn these ideas into profitable ventures.

The best part? The Wizard of Ideas is fully customizable. It comes as a Notion doc, you can personalize it to your specific needs and turn it into your ultimate business plan tool.

Whether you're a startup founder, an entrepreneur, a student or an investor, the Wizard of Ideas will grow with you and adapt to your unique journey.

Get it out today and let the Wizard of Ideas be your guide to finding your next big breakthrough. Join our growing community of entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, AI builders and researchers. You can reach out to me for support or partnership requests anytime via or @youraimarketer on X.

Muratcan Koylan
Founder, JeezAI

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
What is Notion and why I get this database as a Notion template?
Notion is an all-in-one workspace where you can organize projects, tasks, and documents. We offer the Wizard of Ideas as a Notion template because it allows you to easily customize and manage your business ideas in a user-friendly interface, ensuring that you can quickly act on opportunities and streamline your planning process.
What is JeezAI?
JeezAI is a student focused AI career platform that connects the next generation of builders with AI opportunities, internships and resources. We empower users to discover and develop unique business ideas, offering a comprehensive database and tools to help turn these ideas into successful ventures.
How many business ideas does your database cover?
Our database boasts over 13,000 meticulously curated business ideas, ranging from AI and tech innovations to traditional business models, providing a rich resource for anyone looking to start their next successful venture.
How detailed is JeezAI business idea database coverage?
Each entry in our database includes a summary, step-by-step implementation guides, and direct insights from successful entrepreneurs, providing you with all the details needed to understand and execute the ideas effectively.
How often is your database updated?
Our database is updated regularly with new ideas and insights to ensure you have access to the most current and actionable business opportunities, keeping you ahead of market trends and ready for success.
Can I export and download the data from Wizard of Ideas database?
Yes, you can export and download data from the Wizard of Ideas database, allowing you to work with the information offline and integrate it into your own tools and workflows for maximum convenience.
Can I request new business channel or leader database that is not available in your database?
Absolutely! We welcome suggestions for new business channels or leaders to add to our database. Your feedback helps us grow and better serve the entrepreneurial community.
What happens when I buy a Notion template and does this work with the free version of Notion?
When you purchase Wizard of Ideas, you gain immediate access to organize and execute your business ideas. It's fully compatible with the free version of Notion, ensuring you can use without any additional costs. We also provide a one pager to inform you about the product and Notion. You can always reach out to us. We're here to help!

Ready, set, launch. your success is here!

Explore more than 13,000 possibilities, each a potential path to success.
Find the idea that resonates and take the first step toward turning your vision into reality.